Petits Fours How-To 2

So now the fun part: the glazing. Of course we start with the slighty dicey part of, er, dicing them, but having chilled your cake you should be in good shape for cutting. Start by measuring out your cake to multiples of 1 1/2″ (a very nice size for homemade petits fours). Trim off any excess (and eat).

Next, help yourself out by scoring the marzipan layer with your knife.

Once you’re measured out, go ahead and cut, keeping the separate slices close together so they can support each other. Remember again, long, smooth strokes.

Once that’s done you can relax and start making a good ol’ mess. Starting here with the fondant, pick up a petit four…

…and dip all four sides.

Then with your icing spatula, dab some fondant over the top, pushing it out over the edges so it drips down the sides. Keep your fondant good and warm so it stays as runny as possible.

Repeat with any chocolate petits fours you might be making…

(Don’t forget to lick your fingers).

Then just leave them on a rack to cool and firm. Once the glazes have set you can decorate if you wish. I may just start eating now.

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