On the Many Virtues of Fresh Eggs II

Or maybe I should call these posts “On the Many Virtues of Frozen Cake Layers” since another frozen 6-inch layer was what allowed me to whip this little improvisation together for company last night. Again it’s nothing more than a single split layer, only this time with lemon curd filling and a little powdered sugar sprinkled over. And in case you’re curious, yes, this time I made the filling myself. Sheesh. Looks pretty great with that deep yellow cake, don’t it?

True, a single 6-inch layer makes for a darn small cake, even one that’s filled. Yet being so small, it’s a perfect light “mini-dessert” for five or six people on a warm weekday evening. And as you know, mini-desserts are all the rage right now. Hey, I may live in Kentucky, but I can still be on the cutting edge, can’t I?

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