Homemade Nutella

Obviously the homemade stuff turns out a little more, how shall I say…textured than store-bought. But the flavors are vastly superior (and it’s also about a quarter of the cost). It has a much deeper toasted nut flavor, and the good, honest aftertaste you get from zero additives.

Working through this recipe, it was very difficult to grind the nuts fine enough in the food processor. Adding a little oil to the pieces I found lubricated them enough so they’d reduce to a fine paste. After that it was pretty much a no-brainer.

Next time I’m going to add another tablespoon or two of oil, since it has a tendency to thicken up a little too much as it sits (and I like it spreadable).

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    1. Hey Jake!

      You must have arrived at this post via a Google search. Go to the menu on the left under Pastry Components and you’ll find the recipe at the bottom. I put the recipe and tutorials in separate posts. Cheers,

      – Joe

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