Lemon Poppy Seed Pound Cake

Now this is what you might call your more conventional pound cake. It even measures up right: 5 ounces of eggs, 5.25 ounces of flour, 5.25 ounces of sugar and 6.5 ounces of butter. Not precisely an even amount of each, but close enough for Joe (Rose Levy Berenbaum likes her pound cake a little on the rich side, apparently). Of course there are a couple of bells and whistles here. In addition to the leavening you’ve got vanilla extract, lemon zest and poppy seeds, plus a lemon glaze which really puts it over the top flavor-wise. Still, under the hood it’s not so very different from Hannah Glasse’s, at least in terms of what it’s made of. Nice to know that some things never really go out of style. ‘Scuse me, won’t you?

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