Know What This Is?

It’s a gumdrop tree. Favorite of little old ladies everywhere, except most of those are made of cheap green plastic and have had gumdrops stuck on them since 1959. This one is a deluxe mirror-finish aluminum model, given to us by my aunt for Christmas this year (her own auntie had one of the originals). It makes me think of my great, great aunt Viola Pastry (yes, Viola was her real name) who, though she never had a gumdrop tree that I can recall, kept a candy dish on her parlor table, filled with with ancient butterscotch drops and those little powdery after-dinner mints that turn to drywall after a week. Of course hers had been left out for years, but my twin sister and I were so desperate for something to do when my mother dragged us to her apartment that we’d eat them — then laugh at each other with little puffs of mummified sugar dust coming out our mouths. Aunt Viola was the oldest woman I knew as a youngster. Since she died when I was less than 10, I can’t remember what she looked like. But I can remember how those mints tasted. Blechhhhh….

4 thoughts on “Know What This Is?”

    1. Hey Kathy!

      I would have sent you that one…I hate to admit I pitched it out last year. Silly me. I have no idea where it came from. A friend of mine gave it to me on a lark because he loves them. Best of luck finding one!

      – Joe

  1. I have fond memories of this “traditional” gum drop tree when I was a kid, and until a couple of years ago had a cheap plastic one that was put up every year as my daughter grew up. When it broke a couple of years ago, I came across the “top of line” gum drop tree at Solutions. It broke this year (2014) as I was putting it together, and sadly it looks like Solutions doesn’t have it any more. Will keep searching.

    1. I’d send you mine but I’m honestly not sure where it is anymore, Jane! If I come across it I’ll let you know!


      – joe

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