Just Got Back from the State Fair…

..and the tomato table was impressive. You should have been there. This shot probably represents about one percent of the total competition.

Can I inject at this point that the corn dog is the world’s most perfect food? It is. But you need an honest-to-goodness fair to get a decent one. Fortunately, the Kentucky State Fair happens here in Louisville every year. It means of course that I only have a once-a-year window of a mere ten days to get my fill until the next summer, but I’m up to the challenge. Even if it means a few $15 corn dogs (fair admission, parking and dog), to me they’re well worth it.

Concerning the tomatoes, I was disappointed that they don’t list the varieties on the judging tags. They all simply say things like “small red slicer”, “medium red slicer”, “large purple heirloom”, things of that nature. When they declare winners I’ll need to figure out where to go for seeds. I have big plans for the yard for next summer, very big plans.

As a side note, the largest pumpkin grown in the state this year: 815 pounds.

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