It’s Good to Be Home

I rolled back into town Saturday from a quick(ish) trip up to Chicago. Not long, two nights, but enough to make me miss all my girls more than a little. It also made me fear for our energy bill, since the missus has a way of ranging through the house in the evenings, living a little in every room, and leaving the lights burning well past ten. Last night she went off to bed early, leaving me to douse the bulbs from the basement on up after The War had finished. I tend not to like that job so much, though last night, having returned from afar, it felt like a tour of all the luxuries that the Pastry house contains. From the cold concrete foundation where washer, dryer and chest freezer chug away, upward through our technology-crammed living quarters, on to the second floor and the toy-strewn girls’ rooms (where I patted sleepy heads and kissed dozy cheeks). All in all I was struck by the sheer breadth of the luxuries we enjoy, beginning with one another. Here’s wishing you a day of appreciation for the all luxuries your own life affords you.

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