I prefer a stable and predictable life.

But since when did the Almighty ever ask for my input? Ze life, she has been a little nutty as of late, my friends. The very afternoon I left you, ten or so days ago, I received an urgent phone call that the wife was being rushed to the hospital by ambulance. Her pregnancy was having sudden complications, you see. Thankfully, everything quickly stabilized, though she’s been confined to the Labor & Delivery ward ever since.

While you might not think it, we in fact had a fine Christmas, with presents laid out beneath a two-foot tall tannenbaum that I improvised for the occasion. Of course Santa is an amazingly flexible fellow, so little Josephine scarcely knew the difference (but then she’s two). The stollen tasted great in all its sweet, dry-ish magnificence, and the lamb champvallon traveled extremely well.

As things stand, I’ll be bringing her meals in for at least another month, assuming there aren’t any more surprises. Not being a medical man I’m at a loss to explain to you exactly what the trouble is. All they tell me at the hospital is that if she stands up the baby will fall out, and we can’t have that just yet. Her due date isn’t until the end of February. In the interim, it’ll be just little Josephine and me at home. At least until we move next Tuesday. Did I mention we’re in the middle of a relocation too? The closing is Thursday, the packers come the following Monday.

Is this not the best excuse you’ve ever heard for putting a blog on hold? Well maybe not on hold exactly, but I sure won’t be able to post with the regularity we’ve all become used to. So please bear with me. My plan is to put a least a few posts up every week until I can get momma and baby into the new home safe and sound, and the little one settled into her new life. Me, I might be wearing a white canvas sport coat by then (you know the kind…with the sleeves that tie in the back), but God willing we’ll all be laughing about this over a nice Gâteau St. Honore a month from now.

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