I’m only going to say this once:

Try this jam.

You’ll be amazed at what a fresh, ripe tomato can do in a sweet context. I need to underscore here that this is not a sweetened tomato sauce. It’s nothing like chili sauce, nothing like salsa, nothing like gazpacho. It’s everything like what it is: jam. The genius of great-grandma’s recipe is the addition of copious amounts of lemon, which brings a hint of pith bitterness, but more importantly a citric acid tang that offsets the tomato’s savoriness (all the sugar and cinnamon doesn’t hurt either).

Though the original recipe doesn’t call for it (since it dates to about 1900), I used a stick blender to partially puree the jam as soon as I’d taken it off the heat. I still left more than a few big pieces in there, but in general I prefer the more homogenous consistency. But try it and see, you may like it chunky. This is a great way to use up a burgeoning tomato crop a.) because it’s easy, and b.) because the tomatoes cook down so far. If you’d prefer to sample it first, just cut the recipe in half and simmer it half as long. Trust me, while this recipe may not take the shine entirely off your raspberry patch, it’ll make you think about tomatoes in a whole new way.

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