Horse Sense

One of the great advantages of being a resident of Louisville the week before Derby is being able to rise before sun-up and go watch the horses warm up at Churchill Downs. Standing in the dirt while the horses fly down the track…well let’s just say it’s one of those take-your-breath away moments that are all-too-rare in life. Though better still is the opportunity to pat the kings of racing on the nose as they amble back along the perimeter, nibbling peppermints out of little girls’ hands. Little Josephine was again a bit too intimidated to pet a horse, much less feed one, but the privilege of the morning wasn’t lost on her.

With so many races happening this week there are of course plenty of non-Derby horses out there. Yet you sure know it when a horse like Circular Quay runs past, there’s a definite energy there, though the cartoon bullet pe-kowww sound effect is the true giveaway. All the talk is about the return of Street Sense this year, and I’m here to tell you he’s one fine looking piece of horse flesh. Yet my gut tells me he doesn’t have the stuff this time around. I’ll take Tiago.

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