God Bless Us, Every One

A feverish and wheezing infant will prevent me from carrying on with our couscous cake this week, but here’s wishing everyone out there a happy and holy Easter this Sunday. May your cakes be light and your fillings rich and delectable.

Funny isn’t it how when it comes to the holidays we turn to the bakers for the foods that really define the days. True, for Thanksgiving we look to the poultry farmer, but for just about everything else, Christmas, Easter, birthdays, christenings, it’s the sweet stuff we look forward to the most.

Why might that be? Because cakes and pastries have historically been very, very special things, filled with expensive ingredients (spices, eggs, sugar etc.) that our predecessors were only rarely able to assemble all at one time. It’s hard to imagine here in the age of the Twinkie what it might have been like to eat an Easter cake once upon a time…maybe in a frontier household a hundred miles from anywhere. Talk about the joy of small miracles…

May well all look not only on our food, but on our friends, neighbors and families with the same appreciation this Sunday. Blessings to all,

– Joe

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