Get a Coop!

Sally C. from Tip of the Iceberg writes:

Tell your friend in “Old Towne” that’s what coops were invented for. Grandma (Aunt Della, really) had laying hens and milk cows so every morning and evening we gathered the eggs and milked the cows. Her coop was set up so you could reach for the eggs from behind the chicken which kept the hen from attacking you when you reached under her for the egg. Boy – do those pecks hurt! I remember sometimes finding eggs in various places in the barn and grandma always threw them away because you never knew how old they were. Since she sold most of her eggs she couldn’t take the chance of including a spoiled egg. She would candle them before placing them in the crates, too. I’d forgotten about the blood spots. You rarely see that anymore, probably because the chickens never move. I find that sad.

Anyway, love the chicken and the egg posts. Take care.


Unfortunately he likes the “back woods” feeling that free-roaming chickens bring to his property. That’s a city person for you.

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