Dunkin’ Donuts Isn’t Kidding

As you know I’ve been following the travails of the nation’s number one fried pastry chain, Dunkin’ Donuts, with some interest lately. They’ve trained their sights on Starbucks (who have been flagging in the customer loyalty polls the past year), with the clear intention of flaming their collective rear. Late last week they made great progress toward that end (no pun intended) with the announcement that TV uber-personality Rachel Ray will henceforth become their spokesperson. A truly brilliant move for a company that’s been working overtime to position iteslf as the everyman’s (and woman’s) answer to its effete competition. Expect much hoopla these next couple of years as their national expansion gets underway. Long live the doughnut!

2 thoughts on “Dunkin’ Donuts Isn’t Kidding”

  1. i really want a soft fluffy donut just like the texture donut of dunkin donut please help

    1. There are two good recipes on the site for doughnuts. Are you interested in yeat raised or cake-style?

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