Ah, cupcakes.

Is there anything better with a glass of milk on a Spring afternoon? I think not! Which is why, when we passed a developmental milestone with little Josephine this weekend (a potty-related thing you don’t need to know about) there was no question as to the reward: a gummy candy crocodile she saw at Target. But for the adults, cupcakes! Heck we’ve put at least as much work into this thing as she has, probably a lot more when you consider all the anxiety. I tell you, parenthood. If anyone in my pre-marital life had told me that one day I’d be losing sleep over a 3-year-old’s toilet habits, I’d have said they were insane.

But back to the cakes. It’s a pity that it took a TV show as crass as Sex in the City to wake people up to the joys of the cupcake. We Pastrys have always known. In fact our wedding cake was not a cake at all, but a table filled with his-and-hers cupcakes made by a Swedish bakery in our old Chicago neighborhood. Can you get any more committed to cupcakes than that? Again, I think not.

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