Will they never learn?

I’m a day late to the New York Times food section, which has a lengthy article on Andrew Weissman, chef at Le Rêve in San Antonio. In it, there’s a description a dish Weissman calls “Sunday Breakfast”, a Texas-French masterpiece consisting of:

…a generous hunk of sautéed Hudson Valley duck liver, thickly crusted outside, remarkably tender inside, comes with a hunk of Ducasse-like pork belly, a quail egg, a waffle, a maple syrup reduction and blackberries. (emphasis added)

I was planning a lengthy post on the versatility of waffles for tomorrow, but this pretty much makes that moot. I can do no better. Personally, I wish the Times would get in the habit of checking in with me before they step on my toes like this. Do they think I have all day to sit around and rewrite my editorial calendar?

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