The Bakery Bat-Phone

The Wall Street Journal had a terrific article last week on the rise of professional chef hotlines. A great alternative to all those two-dollar-a-minute phone sex and astrology 900 numbers I think. A lot cheaper, plus you actually learn something. The premise has been around for a couple of years, but only now do they seem to be truly taking off. The article (which I can’t link to because the WSJ site actually costs money) mentions both, and Both offer pretty much the same types of services (everything from courses to one-on-one help lines) for roughly the same fees. Personally, I think it’s a great idea. What with so many foodies out there striving for profesional results at home, the market seems ready for it. Plus, unless you happen to be either the executive chef of some Michelin-starred restaurant or a Food Network celebrity, chefdom isn’t exactly a high-paying gig. Hotlines like these seem like a great way for some very talented people to earn some much needed extra cash. Not a bad resource to have for the holidays, but then of course you know good ol’ Joe is always here for you, don’t you?

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