Tapioca Pudding Debrief

Not a whole heck of a lot to debrief in a pudding recipe I don’t think. Soak, stir, cook…bing bang boom. However what I will say is Mr. Brown has concocted a mighty rich pudding recipe here, and the wife (even though she’s pregnant and should theoretically be enjoying full pig-out rights) is sensitive to overly rich desserts. So I tried it again, this time using the directions off the back of a box of more traditional small-pearl tapioca. It called for more water, and instead of a cup and a half of whole milk and/or cream, just 3/4 cup of coconut milk (which you can find in both light and regular versions in the grocery store…I used light). Well it turned out every bit as good as Mr. Brown’s, I thought. Not as indulgent, but with a very nice coconut je-ne-sais quoi. Admittedly, it looked and tasted a lot more like what I used to pull off the cafeteria line back at my college dorm, but that’s what I think the wife was really after.

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