I changed the source for the puff pastry recipe I’m going to do this week. I was planning to get very democratic and go with this recipe from About.com that seemed serviceable. However, I’ve since visited King Arthur Flour’s web site and found a far superior one. So that means I’ll be doing two King Arthur recipes this week. I don’t wish to appear to be playing favorites, it’s just that there aren’t many reputable sources for either baguette or puff pastry recipes online (most people consider them both to be too difficult to do at home). King Arthur recipes are darn good.

If you don’t want to attempt puff pastry right off the bat, I can certainly understand. Even the king of do-it-yourself gastronomy Alton Brown was too much of a chicken to make scratch puff pastry on his show. Oh, I’ll never forget that day. You cut me Alton. You cut me real deep.

The reason I’m striking out with such a tough recipe now is that puff pastry will be the basis of many pastry recipes to come, and I want to have it in the freezer. There is of course no shame in going out and getting the store-bought stuff. I promise not to call you a sissy.

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