Star! Star! Star!

My usual long morning post went by the wayside this morning, as I spent the dawn hours at a taping of a new Food Network show, Culinary Claim to Fame. It’s something of an odd concept, whereby offbeat professionals and/or gifted amateurs are given what amounts to their own single-episode cooking show. In today’s case it was Lynn Winter of our local kitsch dining shrine, Lynn’s Paradise Cafe. Lynn is the breakfast queen of Lousiville, and something of a character (at one point she seemed to be juggling eggs). I couldn’t see much of what went on, since my job was to sit at a table and pretend to drink coffee for an hour. All I can say is, when it comes time for my fifteen minutes, I’ll expect Lynn to return the favor.

The producer told me there’s no air date yet, since thery’re only in their 17th day of shooting (the crew is already so stuffed with food they’ll have to jog back to New York). I was however told to spread the word that they’re still looking for hosts. So if you fancy yourself the next Food Network star, by all means get in touch with them. Who knows? This could be your big break!

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