Right Back Atcha

Cultural exports always seem to find their way back to where they came from. First there was the British Invasion (the musical one, I mean), then Hong Kong action flicks. Now we have a Japanese fast food concept based on the cream puff. Those living in Manhattan and Northern California have known about Beard Papa for a couple of years now. The rest of us in the vast interior have been largely oblivious. Yet all that’s about to change now that the company has announced plans to open some fifteen new locations, some of them right here in the heartland.

As I mentioned in a post last week, I continue to be amazed at how a culture that traditionaly eschewed both wheat and dairy have embraced classic French pastry. The fact the Japanese are now combining that newfound love with the American fast food business model and are handing it right back to us…how can you not love the absurdity of it all? What do beards and cream puffs have in common anyway? And who on Earth translated that? I do wish them well.

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