PSA Moment

I’ve been talking a lot about fat content lately, and taking some guff for what a couple of critics have said is an open endorsement of fat consumption. That is absolutely correct. I do endorse fat consumption, and without apology. Human beings need fat in their metabolism, and I see no better way of getting necessary fat (and even some unncesssary fat) than by enjoying a rich, home-baked pastry every once in a while. It’s my belief that once-in-a-while indulgences, though they may contain high levels of fat, are healthy things, and not just for the spirit. Why? Because a real pastry is a satisfying thing. Much more so than the imitations and/or substitutes that many people consume to excess, in my opinion, because they are seeking a kind of satisfaction that so-called “healthy” alternatives can’t give them. Moderation is a good thing. Honest foods — including honest fats — make balanced diets more enjoyable and more achievable.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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