Potato Pizza Review

Ya know, those Cook’s Illuatrated folks may be onto something with their cooked potato crust. A proportion of potato does make a deep dish pizza crust pleasantly dense and tender, that’s for sure. It also browned up nicely, and was as moist as they promised. I can’t decide if it tasted much different, though my crust, being part corn meal, is sort of a freak hybrid to begin with. If you’ve been follwing my pizza crust adventures at all, you know I’ve been in pursuit of a Gino’s East-style deep dish crust, which is famous for corn meal. And while adding some cooked potato to my recipe last night was a fun experiment, I’m thinking that a crust with both potato AND corn meal in it is a bit, how shall I put it…unnatural. One surprise ingredient is enough. So next week I’m thinking I’ll follow the recipe as directed, and try a crust as CI intended. Stay tuned.

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