Brief Hiatus

Turns out that I don’t have poison ivy, but am instead afflicted with shingles. I always laughed when I heard people talk about shingles, since I couldn’t imagine such a funny-sounding word actually hurting anyone. But brothers and sisters, I’m here to tell you it really and truly does hurt. Bad.

What’s weird is that I’m a rather young fellow to get this thing. Weirder still, my twin sister, Joanna Pastry, just got over a case herself. She, however, lives in St. Louis and I haven’t seen her in months. But we did have chicken pox (the virus that causes shingles) at the same time, some 30 years ago. Could there be a connection? Who knows? I’ll leave you to figure it out as I head out to pick up my antivirals and pain killers. Back soon,

– Joe

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