Panna Cotta Debrief

Even though I didn’t manage to quite get all the melted gelatin into my panna cotta mixtre, it turned out just fine. No need to go to the trouble of re-melting and cooling. The only thing I did get in a little trouble with was the literal “turning out” of the gelatins. I let the ramekins sit a little too long in their hot water bath, so they melted somewhat, landing on the plate in a puddle of cream. That’s not necessarily bad, but it makes it harder to create a nice presentation with the sauce. So, my sole addition to the recipe: only immerse the ramekins in hot water for 30 seconds or so (less if your molds have very thin walls). You may need to pass a knife around the edges of the panna cottas to get them out of the molds, but in the end they’ll hold up better. Also as I surmised, the sauce, being so nice and thin, was a far better match to the dessert than actual caramel sauce probably would have been.

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