Nice to be back

My hand and arm have healed enough so it doesn’t kill me to type. However shingles recovery isn’t a fast-moving affair, so don’t be surprised if I’m not as prolific as usual this week. I’ll do my best!

What a lousy thing an attack of shingles is. Avoid them if you can. As a public service announcement, I recommend that you never feel sheepish about heading to a doctor any time a physical oddity presents itself. Sadly I showed up at my physician’s office far too late. Had I seen him when the pain first started, I could have received medication that would have headed off the worst. As it is I’ll probably be bandaged for another ten days or so.

There is, I also found out, a vaccine for shingles coming on the market this October. By all means ask your doctor about it, since a needle stick is a tear in the ocean compared to what a full blown case of shingles can do to you. And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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