Low Blow

One of the advantages of the blogging software I use is its ability to display the way in which some people arrive at my site. Hit a button that says “Referring Searches” and I can see some of the word combinations that bring joepastry.com up on the big google lists. Some are relevant like “Dobos Torte” (enter than on google and a joepastry.com link pops up at the bottom of the third page). Some you can only wonder at, like the one I just saw on today’s list: “women kicking men in the testicles.” Though I write some kooky posts, I’ve never written one on that subject as far as I know (though there has been the odd Friday night when I’ve had one or two too many glasses of wine with dinner). I dunno, maybe I should consider it. A little less Mr. Science and a little more America’s Funniest Home Videos might do this blog some good!

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