Lotta Ciabatta

Making ciabatta again today (God love the home office). I’m getting seriously addicted to this bread, though you need a lot of excess flour around to manage it, which leaves my kitchen looking like the aftermath of the pie fight from the movie The Great Race. Still, it’s got a flavor and texture I could get used to (my toddler daughter is already demanding it for breakfast). Slightly less wet, I think this dough would also make fantastic pizza crust.

2 thoughts on “Lotta Ciabatta”

  1. Hello Joe, love your site and was looking for a ciabatta tutorial (yes I know this post is 7 years old) but I was wondering if you have a ciabatta recipe/tutorial??


    1. Hello Fintan!

      I don’t have a dedicated one up yet, though I will say that the pain a l’ancienne behaves just like ciabatta if you let it proof for half an hour or more. But I should put up a regular version…maybe I’ll do that soon. Thanks!

      – Joe

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