Looks Like a Busy Weekend

I just got talked into making appetizers for an event over at U of L. A reception for a talk on Afro-Cuban art. The only kind of savory Cuban pastry I can find however, other than the same-old-same empanadas that are kind of everywhere in Latin cuisine, are these, cangrejitos. There only seems to be one recipe for them available on the web, reprinted at 100 different sites. I have no problem with it save one thing: they all say “Crescent Pastries”. The word, however, means “little crabs”. I wonder if this omnipresent recipe has the shaping wrong. Also, are they Afro-Cuban or just Cuban? What a conundrum.

Other than that I also agreed to make jelly doughnuts for an entirely different university event on Monday. It’s gonna be a high-carb week next week.

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