Killing Time With Hershey

If you’ve never visited the Reese’s cup site and feel like killing a little time, have a look. It’s pretty fun. My wife and I were trying to remember all the different types of Reese’s products that have come out over the years. From crunchy to white to minis to caramel…there’ve really have been a lot. Of course I can’t think of Reese’s Pieces without thinking of the movie ET. My God that was marketing genius. I was a high school freshman working at a movie theater concession stand the summer that film came out. I sold a gazillion tiny bags of Reese’s pieces with a picture of an alien on them for two bucks a pop. That sea of screaming kids was ready to tear the building down if they didn’t get their hands on one. Of course now I have a little screaming kid running around my house, and the threat is the same should I fail to deliver the goods. Everything comes back around.

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