How did I get onto layer cakes when I started out the week declaring that a true cake was a single-layer affair? I told you this topic was treacherous. But just for the record, while I know that some may interpret this week’s yellow cake recipe as a layer cake recipe, as far as I’m concerned it’s for two single layer cakes. Get me? None of this stacking up nonsense. Just butter cake without icing in all its simple glory. With maybe a few raspberries. And a dollop of whipped cream. Or a little lemon curd, whatever. Though a touch of powdered sugar can be awfully nice too. But that’s it.

And yes, per the previous post, this recipe does indeed make full 2-inch layers, about 28 ounces each (when they say “moist” I guess they really must mean it). What to do with the other one? By all means freeze it. Cake layers freeze beautifully for up to a month, tightly wrapped.

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