Great Comment…

…on last Friday’s pig post. The Old Foodie points out that pigs and baking do go hand-in-hand, since lard makes such excellent pastry. And oh my yes it’s true. Lard, being extremely rich in flavor, can be turned into the best pie, quiche, tart and pizza crusts known to man. It’s also indispensable in corn masa goodies like tamales. I am deeply, deeply saddened that more people don’t employ it nowadays. I mean let’s face it, especially in the world of solid (saturated) animal fats, fat is pretty much fat. Butter, tallow, lard…in terms of their composition, there’s no meaningful difference between them (vegetable shortening is of course a solid fat too, though that has the drawback of being artificially hydrogenated). The way I see it, if you’re going to eat fat you may as well squeeze as much pleasure as you can out of every last gram. Long live the pig!

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