Geek Sympathy

Well, I’m on the mend friends. The hand and arm are healing and I’m on the verge of typing normally. Thanks to all of those who’ve wished me well. I’ll be back bright and bushy-tailed Monday morning. But before I sign off my shortest blogging week so far, I wanted to ask everyone to say a little prayer for Richard Hammond, geek extraordinaire and host of the legendary British science parody show, Brainiac.

If you’ve never seen or heard of Brainiac, suffice to say it’s the ultimate nerd-humor show, in which teams of pyromaniacal spazzoids “test” washing machines by rinse-cycling fist-sized lumps of potassium (explosions galore), launch pizzas out of air cannons to determine whether or not they’re truly “fast” food, and measure how well people perform their jobs while being adminsitered mild electric shocks. If that stuff’s not funny, I don’t know what comedy is.

Richard was severaly injured taping a segment for a show called Top Gear when he crashed a rocket-powered dragster at some 310 miles per hour. Apparently he broke the British land speed record and his poor noggin all at the same time. Reports are that he’ll probably make a full recovery, but that doesn’t mean he still couldn’t use a few well-wishes from those of us in the dweeb community. Get well soon Richard!

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