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While I’m on this subject, it’s interesting to note that yeast organisms perform the same action (i.e. creating invert sugar) when they’re mixed into a bread dough. Yeast as you know have to consume sugar in order to live and reproduce, but as I’ve frequently discussed, they’re not capable of “digesting” complex carbohydrates (the very long-chain sugars that make up flour granules). Being rather simple creatures (in fact some of the very simplest), they can only “eat” the simplest of sugars, monosaccharides like glucose and fructose. Thus when they encounter a disaccharide they have to break it. And what are the chemicals in nature that perform these kinds of molecule-breaking functions? Yes, you with the pocket protector. Enzymes, correct. And would anyone care to guess what the name of the enzyme is that breaks sucrose into glucose and fructose? If you guessed invertase, you get an A for this course.

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