For the Week of May 1, 2006

It’s Derby week down here in Louisville, so it only seems fitting that we do something Derby-ish. Now maybe it’s because I’m a newbie in Kentucky, but I have yet to discover what a “true” Derby pie is. For some it’s a kind of toll house pie without the brown sugar. For others it’s simply a pecan pie with chocolate chips. Then there’s the top-secret, trademarked DERBY-PIE® which somehow manages to be a combination of both. Since I have yet to form an opinion on this (I have to think carefully, people take both pie and the Derby extremely seriously around here), I’m going to go with what sounds the most fun, and I think that’s

Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie

That seems pretty Kentucky to me, I don’t care what the purists say. And this week, you have my solemn vow that I’m going to finally make and write about


I have a poolish starter in the fridge even as we speak. I’m making it today! I swear!

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