For the Week of July 24, 2006

I have yet to venture into cake in any serious way, probably because I fear such a gigantic, imposing topic. But then every great pig-out starts with the first bite. Since berries are bustin’ out all over, I think something simple, that marries well with any kind of berry, would be appropriate this week:

Yellow Cake

In the bread department I’m making a strategic choice. Vegetables are poised and ready to start flooding the farmers’ markets. But I never know what’s going to pop up where. Bruschetti (basically open-faced sandwiches on thick slabs of country bread) are a great way to treat a simple sauté of fresh summer whatever-it-is. I freeze a big loaf of it, sliced, so I’m always ready no matter what the wife brings home. Some kind of big peasant-style loaf is called for here, so I think maybe:

Tuscan Bread

This recipe, as you’ll notice, is a two-fer, it’s got a nice recipe for panzanella up top, which is a great excuse for letting some of your bread go stale.

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