Fat Pill

Notice anything unusual about this week’s quiche recipe? About the filling I mean? Go ahead, have a look, I’ll wait. Dum-tee-dum…

No? No guesses? Then I’ll just spill it: it doesn’t have any cheese. And that’s odd, because every modern quiche recipe is full of cheese. But then those are modern recipes. The original quiches didn’t have any cheese, and it wasn’t because they didn’t have cheese back then. It was because, because…well I don’t know. But one thing that’s always bugged me about American quiche is how darned rich it is. A butter-filled short crust, an egg-and-cream custard filling, loads of bacon, and then…cheese. Talk about a fat bomb.

Everyone who’s read this site for long knows I’m not shy when it comes to milk fat. I believe in it, I stand by it, I occasionally bathe in it. But when something is nearly solid fat, well, that’s where I draw the line. A short crust and cream custard is plenty of fat for me, thanks. And you know something? This quiche recipe is even better using just half and half. And it’s very nice with simple whole milk. Try it and see.

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