Doh! …I mean, Dough!

Isn’t that just the way, my file uploading capability craps out with only one photo left to go: the money shot of the finished product. Me and my darn thoroughness, I probably exceeded some kind of file limit. A call is in to my host, we’ll see if we can’t get it done today.

I have to say this photo business is darn silly stuff. Photographing yourself making pastry is far from easy, which is why most of the shots only have one hand in them. The two-handed ones the wife took, but of course what wasn’t obvious is that my two-year-old daughter was wrapped around my leg screaming for attention at the time. But that’s showbiz, eh?

Time to forget all that, pack the family in the car and head up to Chicago for the holiday. A very happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the US of A. See everyone next week!

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