Caramel Fondue

I did tell you how amazing a home-made caramel fondue is, didn’t I? No? Well it is, though you don’t see it too often (that napalm thing probably). But caramel sauce, slightly warmed in the microwave, is a delicious and safe (if messy) experience. Tart apples, bananas, pineapples, even bits of fudgy brownie if you’re feeling really naughty. And if you are, then why not go all the way and re-dip whatever you’ve “doo’d” in some finely chopped nuts, shaved chocolate, coconut, cinnamon graham cracker crumbs or mashed up bits of your favorite candy bar (maybe Butterfinger)? I mean if you’re going to hell, why not go all the way if you see where I’m going here. Actually, a warm caramel fondue with all the fixin’s laid out just so can make for a fun casual end to a fall dinner party. Wait, what did I just say there? The spirit of Martha has me folks, I need coffee.

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