Barbaro by 6 Lengths

I’ve had a number of kind inquiries about my Derby horse this morning, thanks to all who expressed interest. Sadly, my pick, Sweetnorthernsaint, was last seen in the back of the pack, somewhere around turn 2. I’m not sure what happened to him after that, though I did hear they kept the track open late Saturday night.

Little two-year-old Josephine Pastry was a far better judge of horseflesh. Apparently she sized up Bluegrass Cat when we went over to Churchill Downs last Thursday morning, and figured him for a winner. She very cleverly managed to produce his name from the hat at the Derby party we all went to, so I fronted her the two bucks. Blugrass Cat came in second. But then she bet on him to show, not place, so, she’s grounded.

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