The Chocolate Chip Multiverse

What’s made the chocolate chip cookie the towering cultural icon that it is? There’s its taste, yes. Yet I believe its appeal lies in its deceptive simplicity. For within that seemingly simple butter-sugar-flour-chocolate matrix lies infinite space for interpretation and variation. There’s the flat, there’s the cakey, there’s the crisp, there’s the chewy, the nut-filled, the double-chocolate, the double butter, the triple vanilla, and those are just the variations on the standard Nestlé recipe. There are thousands more, each with its own dedicated cult of followers.

That said, I think it would be fun if all who were motivated to do so would send in their unique takes on the chocolate chip cookie. Could be a recipe, could be a strange or different culinary use, could be just a story. I’ll post the best of ’em here in the blog, and maybe even start a special chocolate chip cookie recipe archive if I get enough. I know I’m going out on a limb here, since I’m not used to much in the way of comments. Even on days when I push a thousand visits (rare but it happens), the comment fields are filled with naught but tumbleweeds. So let loose for a change you crazy kids!

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