The Pinwheel

Here’s another very simple one that anyone can do in the comfort of their own living room: the pinwheel. As with the cheese Danish, start by rolling out about a pound and a half of dough into a rectangle about a quarter inch thick (the exactly dimensions aren’t important.

Starting with a rough square…

…cut slits in the dough from (almost) the center outward.

Bring up the right-side corner of each resulting “triangle” to the center of the dough piece and press it down lightly.

And you’re done!

Proof like classic sweet rolls. Similarly make a depression in the center of the proofed Danish with the back of a spoon, then fill it with a teaspoon or so of whatever jam you like. Brush with egg wash and bake like classic sweet rolls.

6 thoughts on “The Pinwheel”

    1. It’s under the components menu, where all the other doughs are. Just click the link and it’s right there under “Danish Dough.” Have fun!

      – Joe

  1. Inspired by your website, I tried my hand at making these Danishes. The laminated dough thing was intimidating, but I figured, what’s the worst that could happen?

    I used white whole wheat flour and it came out flaky, buttery, and oh so delicious. It gave me enough confidence to consider attempting croissants!

    Thanks for the recipe, the helpful tips, and the inspiration. YUMMY.

    1. Well done, Fil!

      Thanks for the note and do keep it up. Once you’ve tackled your first laminated dough the rest are really child’s play. Keep me up to date on your projects!


      – Joe

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