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Making Bourekas

Biting into a boureka, you have to shake your head in wonder. How can a little bit of filling inside a little bit of dough be so hugely satisfying? No wonder they’re such a successful street food. I think I could eat half a dozen of these on any sunny afternoon.

As mentioned earlier, you can technically make a boureka out of just about any dough. However flakes really are the essence of a boureka, and nothing delivers flakes like puff pastry. I’m going to sound like the worst sort of dough-rolling snob when I suggest that you use home made, but it’s the kind of touch that really puts a preparation like this over the top. Make a large batch, keep it in 16-ounce pieces in the freezer, and you’ll always be ready when the boureka urge strikes. But if that sounds like too much, and no doubt it does, you can’t go wrong with a little store-bought. I promise not to tell.


Bourekas Recipe

A boureka recipe is all about the fillings, since the wrappers are predetermined. You’ll want filo or puff pastry. The former is arguably more traditional, the latter is arguably more popular. I’ll go with puff pastry since I make it at home and usually have some hanging around in the freezer. The essential point here is that you want something flaky, since that’s really the defining feature of this sort of pie. Any of these fillings will stuff about a pound of wrapper. Speaking of which, you’ll need:

16 ounces puff pastry
egg wash
sesame seeds for sprinkling