Sorry About the Holiday Blackout!

It seems like every holiday season we have some sort of tech issue. I’m not sure if it’s related to heavy use or just gremlins. Either way, thanks to the concerned readers out there who alerted me to the issue. Be assured that our intrepid tech Wonder Woman is on the case. Be further assured that even though circumstances haven’t allowed for posting, I have no plans to let the site go down. I use it as a baking reference book myself, so I keep all my various bills paid. Any down time is purely accidental.

By way of update let me say that things are very good in the Pastry household. A very Merry Christmas was had by all last week, we’re looking forward to the New Year. Here’s hoping that all you determined Joe readers out there are having a terrific holiday season. I’ll do my best to put up some posts in early 2022!

Thanks to all!


18 thoughts on “Sorry About the Holiday Blackout!”

  1. Oh my goodness – what a wonderful gift it is to hear from you, Joe! So glad the Pastry Family is doing well. BTW, the certificate for this site expired 65 days ago and I braved dragons and orcs to connect anyway. I assume that is what your Wonder Woman is addressing.

    1. Oh jeebus, has it been that long? I access it directly via the back end so I don’t necessarily see the outages. Many apologies. I will try not to let that happen again!

      Thanks Melinda!

      – Joe

  2. Thanks for the update. I’ve been worrying about your family. Glad to hear that all is well. Happy New Year!

    1. We’ve had a hard time of it this year, Brian, I don’t mind saying it. In addition to an immediate family health issue, we lost Joe Pastry Senior as well as two very close friends (none from Covid if you can believe it). All that said we’re keeping our chins up and are looking forward with optimism to a much better 2022…hopefully with some good baking in it! Thanks for your kind thoughts!



  3. I noticed but opted for your privacy this time in lieu of hunting you down again lol.
    Sorry for your losses and thankful for all that is well. 2022 certainly will be better. Take care

    1. Krash! Great to hear from you again my friend! Thanks and thanks. No question there are some miserable times in this life. But we’ve all got each other, no? So what right do I have to complain? Thankful for you this evening, brother! 😉

      Have a great New Year’s, and here’s to a better ‘22!



  4. Happy New Year, Joe! You’d better believe you are sorely missed when you’re not around, but it’s of course totally understandable that you need to focus on your loved ones. I’m so sorry to hear that it’s been a difficult year.

    Very best wishes to you and yours for a brighter 2022!


  5. Happy New Year Joe! Thanks for bringing it back up. I keep an offline version on my computer just in case, this site is too important not to! You really should consider compiling it into a cookbook, it’d easily be in the top ten for 2022 even if you just copy/pasted from the blog!

    1. Aaron! That’s very kind of you. I did investigate something like that once. I had a friend who was a book agent. He shopped the concept around at the usual big publishers, the interest was zero, mostly because cookbooks are primarily written as promotional pieces these days, either for TV shows or for a chef looking to raise their profile. There are some exceptions, like Dorie Greenspan, but mostly there is very little money to be made in cookbooks. Now me, I wouldn’t mind not making much money (goodness knows I don’t as a rule) but producing a cookbook on my own would be ruinously expensive. Someday when my ship comes in maybe I will. Until then Joe must remain a creature of the web!

      Cheers and thanks for the archiving!


      1. Joe, have you considered crowd-funding your cookbook? I believe there is genuine interest because so many people know about your blog and you aren’t even pushing it hard on social media (none that I am aware of, that is).

        1. I have not considered that, Annie, though I confess it’s an interesting idea! I promise to look into it.

          Honestly I have no idea what awareness of the site is like these days. You’re very right that I’m not a social media guy, and given how little I’ve posted the last few years I’m amazed anyone still comes here at all!

          Let me send up a trial balloon once we get the SSL certificate fixed. Can’t hurt, right?


      2. Ah, I always wondered about this. I would easily spend $100 on your website in a cookbook format.

        I started using your site when I was a poor grad student unable to pay much. But it’s been a masterclass worth well over $100. And yes, I’ve used your donate button before and will again.

        PS. The security certificate is still not updated, and I too have braved dragons and firestorms to access the site over the holidays.

        1. Hey Mari!

          Did I see you just the other day on PayPal? 😉

          I’ll check that. These first weeks of the new year are always busy times. If so, a pre-thanks, and rest assured we’ll get the dragon abatement team on the case, hopefully by the weekend.

          Cheers and thanks,


  6. Ditto to all! We’re all hanging in there as best we can!

    Croissants and Kringles are staples of the season now, thanks to good ol’ Joe

    Happy 2022 to all.

    1. Hey Dave! That’s great! Lussekatter are one of the evergreens here for some reason. Easy and delicious I guess. It may also be because young Jo loves cats!

      God bless us every one,


  7. Joe! Good to see you back, and glad to hear that we won’t have to brave the haunted forest of unsecured sites to get to the recipes.

    1. Hey Jane!

      Working on dispelling those ghosts. When this happens it always takes a few weeks to put it right (the Joe crew all have day jobs). Hopefully by this weekend it be all better!



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