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Young Joan’s First Macarons

This in a nutshell is the difference between my daughter Joan and me. When I say “flapjack” she says “macaron”. So we did both over the weekend, and here’s how young Joan made out. You can see right off the bat that she possesses a sense of style that her father lacks. This looks more like a set piece from a circa-1955 Audrey Hepburn film than it does one of my rough-and-ready macarons from eleven years ago. Though to be fair, consistent, fresh almond flour was a hard-to-find item then. I had to grind my own almonds, hence the knobbly tops. Today any grocery store that has a Bob’s Red Mill section likely has good almond flour. Here’s what Joan has to say:

I didn’t believe my dad when he said that Macarons were easy to make. Macarons have always been framed as an extremely hard dessert to pull off, but if you put your fear behind you, the simplicity might surprise you. In other words:  Be confident. Pastries can smell fear

And there it is. The first Joan post.

15 thoughts on “Young Joan’s First Macarons”

  1. Happy first post, Joan! Thrilled to see you and Joe up and at ’em, and that’s a beautiful macaron!

    1. Thank you Nicole! You are my first real Joe Pastry comment, so I don’t really know what to say. But thank you again!

      – Joan

  2. Beautiful result!

    I must say, she has your attitude and confidence. She’s a more eloquent chip off the ol’ block!

  3. What a lovely post! It is so nice to have you back, especially now. The macaron looks great, Joan certainly has the talent. Glad to have you both.

    1. Hey Jasmine!

      Thank you, we had a good time. She’s a bold girl. The type who likes to start with the hardest thing she can think of, and go on from there. She tried to read Moby Dick when she was six because she’d heard it was a hard book to get through. She didn’t make it more than a few pages, but she’s kept up the basic pattern ever since. Kids are amazing. They’re born the way they are, and they keep up being the way they are. I thought I would have more influence! 😉



    1. Hello Melinda! I just used food coloring to make it look nice. So the outer part is just regular almond and the inside is vanilla buttercream. This is my first try, so I’ll experiment more next time! Thank you for asking! 😉

      – Joan

  4. Wow, Joan, you can give me macaron lessons any time! They’re something I’ve never had luck with, but maybe now is the time to give them another try … with a *very* small, lockdown-appropriate batch!

  5. Wow Joan! How beautiful the macaron and the words! I might need to put that quote on my fridge. Sourdough starter and macarons both scare me! So glad you are here with your Dad. My world has a lot more light in it now.

    Keep up the fearless Pastry attitude!

    1. Thank you Eva!! I had fun making them! You should make some of your own, you will love it!


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