Taking the Joe Show On The Road

Circumstances require that the Pastry clan make a temporary move to St. Louis starting this week. It all has to do with that health situation I mentioned in the late summer. Never fear, all will be well with the particular Pastry in question. The situation simply requires some extended treatment, about a month or so, after which the whole thing should be behind us and we can return to normal life. Or at least as normal as life gets in this day and age.

The plan is to do at least some remote blogging after we get settled. Of course there’s so much to plan to make that happen: grip, wardrobe, lighting, camera, and electric trucks. Props, set dec, SFX, craft services, the list goes on. And then there’s mobile and on-site crews. The union negotiations alone could drag on for weeks. But it’ll all be worth it if I can get at least a couple of projects done while we’re there. Can anyone say gooey butter cake?

So don’t worry, and look for some new content to start going up sometime next week. Those of you who have made investments in dried fruit and spirits for the impending Caribbean Christmas fruitcake project, be at ease. I’ll put up the full recipe before we head out, just in case. That said, I already have a separate production trailer reserved specially for my box of macerating fruit. Woe unto the crewman or production assistant who lets it spill!

We’ll get the xuixos done today I hope, and the tutorial up soon. Maybe late today or tomorrow. So stay tuned and say a little prayer for us if you will. We’re concerned but confident, and anyway, what is life without adventure? So let us go! Boldly onward! – Joe

16 thoughts on “Taking the Joe Show On The Road”

  1. P.S. in all of the planning for production move, please don’t forget to include makeup and hairdressing! 🙂

    1. Thank God you said something. Would that have been an embarrassment or what?

      Thanks Brian!

      – Joe

  2. All the best to the whole Pastry clan. And if you have any entertaining kitchen disasters while attempting to cook with unfamiliar equipment, please make us non-professionals feel good and post about it!

    1. I promise to post any and all baking-related mishaps. Which I have aplenty anyway. I just don’t tell you about them. But why not change the rules for a new environment? I’m game!


  3. You have my deepest sympathies! Health worries for a loved one PLUS disruption of our homes and routines is stressful. Selfishly, I am glad you will be posting the Caribbean Fruitcake recipe – just in case we need to make it on our own. Juan Seguro vivió muchos años. (You can ask Dr. Pastry about that.)

    1. Thank you Melinda, but don’t worry about us, please. We’re in good hands. And good things come of times like these. In fact if it wasn’t for a health crisis this blog would never have come into being.


      And the fruitcake will happen!



  4. Best wishes, Pastry clan, and may your healthcare experience be quick, painless, and as minimal as possible. There are some excellent teams in StL, so I’m confident you’ll be in good hands.

    If you can, visiting the Budweiser Clydesdales at the Soulard temple to horses (and incidentally I hear they make some beer there, I guess) is pretty fun. They totally know you’re taking their pictures. 😉

    Right after visiting the stable is the only point at which you can cut out of the tour early. Ask me how I know…

    1. Thank you, essbee, we will do that.

      And yes, we will be just fine. All of us. Just fine indeed.

      – Joe

  5. A prayer and a candle for Clan Pastry. Wishing for a complete recovery and a safe return home.
    (Anticipating some wild St. Louie recipe shenanigans….)

    1. Thank you Charm! I have no doubt that a complete recovery is in our future. We simply have to be patient, upbeat, and work our hardest until then!

      Cheers and more soon!

      – J

  6. Oh heavens! You’re making light of it but having to make such a move at Christmas and during Covid protocols indicates a good bit more seriousness.

    Best wishes for all the Pastries that the afflicted gets the help she needs and makes a full recovery and that the rest of the Pastries can sleep well and help one another have a minimum of anxiety.

    Sending hugs and hopes that knowing others are caring about you all supports you.

    1. Thank you Rainey! Really, many many thanks.

      Things are serious but not dire. And we will come through them just fine. We’ll make an adventure of it all, and have as much fun as we can along the way. All your well wishes mean a great deal — and I shall pass them on!

      Thanks as always. Your friend,

      – Joe

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