Hey all, sorry about the outages, we here at Joe Pastry World Headquarters don’t really know what’s up, save to say that there have been some pretty serious traffic spikes lately, and it may be that the server just isn’t up to it. But whatever the cause we’ll do our best to sort it out. Thanks for your patience! – Joe

4 thoughts on “Sorry!”

  1. Thank goodness you’re back, alive and well! I was very upset….thought I’d lost you forever, that I’d never be able to continue my reading of your wonderful posts. Can you see me jumping for joy?


    1. Barbara!

      Glad to be able to say that rumors of my death were greatly exaggerated. I trust you did not believe them for long! And yes, if I squint I think I can see the jumps…though just at the moment my vision is being obscured by tear gas.

      Let’s hope things quiet down tomorrow!

      Thanks so much!

      – Joe

  2. Joe,
    I’ve been a long term fan and visited your blog last week to read about meringues only to find it gone. I am soooo happy your blog is back and you are posting again!!!!
    You’ve been a great resource for all things pastry, so glad you’re here.

    1. Thanks Carol! It’s good to be here. Not sure what the bugs have been about lately. But hope to get to the bottom of it!


      – Joe

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