Pressing On…

Well the SSL certificate resolution continues to elude. While we work on that, I’m going to continue to do at least some posting for those brave souls willing to push past their browser security warnings.

6 thoughts on “Pressing On…”

    1. Hey Cathy!

      I think I resolved the issue. Those warnings should go away today.

      – Joe

  1. Hi Joe,
    The (alarming) warnings are still coming up on Firefox (it is 11/12), but I decided to push through. There’s just a limit to being patient – 2+ weeks is more than enough. Especially with all that fruit soaking away in sweet red wine and rum! I was getting nervous, even my husband was hearing about it during our morning walks with the dog. So glad to see you are posting. I, for one, will continue to show up. My dad used to say: Faint heart ne’er won fair maiden. Old fashioned, but I think it applies here.

    1. Amen, Melinda!

      Thanks for the bravery, and sorry about the scare. Makes me think I should probably post the recipe sooner rather than later just in case. All that fruit and booze is expensive.

      Stay tuned,

      – Joe

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