Pasta or Egg Noodles?

Reader Terri wonders if my Hungarian raviolo isn’t just a large egg noodle in disguise, and observes that egg noodles would be more in keeping with central European cuisine as we know it.

Terri, all I can say is: where pasta leaves off and egg noodles begin is anyone’s guess. The world of noodles is wide, wild and wooly. I doubt anyone can draw a definitive line between what is a “pasta” and what is a “noodle”. It’s true that Italian dried pasta, of the kind we’re all so accustomed to buying at the grocery store in boxes, has no egg in it. It’s also true that derelye dough contains no semolina, which is a hallmark of Italian pasta.

On the other hand Italian fresh pastas are full of eggs. Also, I’m not aware of any non-Italian egg noodle preparations that are filled like ravioli, as these are. For that reason, and considering that bits of of Austria-Hungary bordered on northern Italy, I’m tempted to regard derelye as one of those true, oddball hybrids. But then…I could be wrong! Thanks for the question, Terri!

4 thoughts on “Pasta or Egg Noodles?”

  1. Hey Joe, are you familiar with vareniki? As a general term, it simply refers to Russian* dumplings that are very similar to pierogies, but in addition to the familiar savoury flavours, sweet vareniki are very popular too – typically cherry, plum, or sweetened cottage cheese. I’ve never heard of them being tossed in fried breadcrumbs, but aside from that, they seem a lot like derelye.

    (*I think the same word is also used in Ukrainian.)

    1. You anticipated my post! But yes I definitely know them. Quite delicious if not exactly the same, as you point out.

      – Joe

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