Next Up: Xuixo

Nope, that’s not Chinese. This word is Catalán, a language spoken in Catalonia, a region in extreme northeastern Spain. And the pastry, well, it’s not really from there. At least not originally. It’s a member of the viennoiserie, literally “stuff from Vienna”, a family of baked goods characterized by light and fluffy yeast-leavened doughs, and the prodigious use of milk, cream and butter. Brioche is a member of the viennoiserie pastry group. Croissants, which aren’t actually French, are among the viennoiserie’s most famous exemplars. Next after croissants would be Danish pastries, which actually aren’t Danish. They’re just more good ideas, of a kind that were originally conceived by the pastry masters of Vienna, and that spread to other nations, where they were eventually claimed by those nations as part of their heritage. And why not I say? Deliciousness recognizes no boundaries.

Whooo, I’m on a roll this morning it looks like. Garçon! More coffee!

But back to Xuixo. This pastry is essentially a croissant filled with crema Catalana, a sort of citrus-scented crème brulée, which is then deep fried and dusted in sugar. And if that sounds too awesome to believed — as well as suspiciously like a cronut — well, I agree with you. Just goes to show that there are no new idea under the sun. Just more innovative marketing.

More coffee I said!!!

Much more on this subject as the week progresses. As well as answers to many of the questions that didn’t;t get answered during the SSL certificate fiasco. – Joe

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  1. This seems like a good opportunity to ask you to put ensaimadas on your to-do list. I became addicted to them in Barcelona, even though they originated in (I believe) the Canaries. It’s all Spain, though, so why not.

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