Next Up: Dominican (Samaná) Coconut Bread

We’re going to put candy bars on hold for a while since young Jo Pastry is on temporary leave. Since they’d really be no fun without her, we’re going to turn our attention southward, to the Caribbean, because…why not?

You may or may not know that Mrs. Jo Pastry spent two years in the Peace Corps, in the mountains of the Dominican Republic. There she picked up some wicked machete skills, as well as a few curious habits including a fascination with large insects. Her love of giant spiders borders on motherly. I’ve come to accept that. Though it hasn’t been easy.

Lately Kroger has been stocking some very fine coconuts. That’s inspired Mrs. Pastry to break out the machete once again, crack a few of those bad boys open, and do some very tasty cooking. The baking, however, she leaves to me, and lately she’s been missing Dominican street food, especially the Dominican coconut bread (pan de coco), which is sold there in large rounds, like flat bread. In reality this bread is more like a big, flat biscuit, but we’ll get into that.

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